Data Networks for People and Planet


We combine wireless sensor networks, critical sampling, and artificial intelligence to gather, organize and extract knowledge from data.

COSMOS is the most important database, with the most accurate forecasts, of energy demand for the 30  fastest growing economies in the Global South. Our proprietary data and forecasts can help save 100s of millions of dollars, and emissions, every year. 750 million data points and counting.

OBDIJA, the Observatorio Digital de Justicia Ambiental, is an open access data platform combining NLP, chatbots, and spatial prediction for environmental justice action, accountability and transparency.


In Collaboration and With Support from:

We are winners of the National Geographic Energy Challenge Grant, the IDB's BIG IDEAS Challenge, the CITRIS Tech for Social Good Challenge, and USAID's Impact Scale Grant.

We work with organizations all over the world to create data for critical infrastructure from scratch.



We have worked with city, state and federal governments in using our technology for collecting data on critical infrastructure. If you would like to work with us - please reach out to us!

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